FACILIDATE is a platform that sifts through thousands of dating venues based on user-specific criteria to provide dating options tailored toward an individual’s needs. You can schedule, reserve and notify your date all directly from the app for an easy-to-use planning experience. 

Customize every aspect of your dating life to cultivate the perfect environment for real-life connections and experiences… .

  • Find the Perfect Bar, Restaurant, Museum, Event, Activity for each date whether its a First Date or a 1 year Anniversary Date.
  • Proprietary Filtering System allowing you to search options by Seating Types, Fireplaces, Speakeasy, Trivia, etc (Ex. Bar, $10-30, Intimate, Speakeasy vibe with Couches and a Fireplace.)
  • Send date details directly via SMS while simultaneously syncing to your private profile and phone calendar
  • Browse "Best Of" for top options in a variety of categories (Classic Bar, Rooftops, First Date)